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Lisa Vargas
Thank you for the wonderful information on grooming my minischnauzer mix. It definitely cleared stuff up for me!
December 13, 2011 5:31:56 PM - Corpus Christi, Texas

Maureen Maund

I am researching smaller breed dogs. I have two wonderful Male Boxers at the moment, one is ten years and the other nine (I did have three, lost my little girl Gracie a couple of years ago, to heart problems). For my future companions I will be looking at smaller breeds, I am an older lady and although I love my boys dearly I do plan on downsizing a little in the future.
December 13, 2011 1:06:14 PM -

Millie Beaulieu
Nicky our shnauzer is a retired female breeder.she was 5yrs old when she came to us in 2007.I think she could use a companion.looking for a older retired dog.or a female puppy
December 12, 2011 8:06:04 PM - Nova Scotia

Brenda Lynne Frey
Thank you for the grooming page as this has been very helpful to me in grooming Schnauzers. I am a certified groomer but in my training had little experience in grooming this breed. Grooming is as of right now my side job. I groom dogs in my home but hope to build enough of a clientele to open a shop in the next couple of years. Because of the grooming page i now have several Schnauzers (and parents) who have become regular clients of mine. They are all impressed with how their pets look when they leave here. Thank you again for sharing :)
December 12, 2011 11:48:45 AM - South Carolina USA

Nathalie Roy
I like looking at your photos of those beautiful dogs. Your website is so wonderful, it is really informative.

Thank You
December 01, 2011 2:42:12 PM - New Brunswick, Canada

Leona Mackay
Looks like you have some very happy dogs.
October 28, 2011 9:17:52 PM - PEI

Miriam Jones
What beautiful Schnauzers! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures.
October 25, 2011 2:10:22 PM - New Brunswick

Karyn Stone
Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this web site. Very valuable information!
October 18, 2011 11:43:16 PM - Yuba City, California

I am SO GLAD to find a breeder who genuinely loves their babies and leaves their tails NATURAL! I've never ever bought an animal in my life, I've always owned rescues/strays, (that's how I became owned by my own Miniature Schnauzer), but I can certainly see why people never go back after owning one of these dolls! My baby has natural ears and tail and he's the most precious thing I've ever seen. I want to always have a Mini Schnauzer but I want them to have their tail! :) When I decide to buy a baby (I have 3 dogs right now, full house for me!) I will certainly come here first! Thank you!
September 26, 2011 10:30:45 PM - Montana, United States

byron holmes
i see you love your schnausers as much as my wife and i do!!!!! thank you for your stories.
September 11, 2011 2:29:31 PM - heath ohio

The Cooley Family
We currently have 2 adults and 6 pups. We are keeping 4 in the family. We are addicted to schnauzers!
September 09, 2011 9:36:08 PM - Burley, Idaho

Brenda & Mike Mendofik
:) Hi Diane,
This is Brenda & Mike of Mickenda's Miniature Schnauzers. You got Zipper from us. VERY GOOD to see him looking good and that he has some great kids.
I can email you current pix of Boris if you like and maybe even of Joy.
Hope your all doing well and having a great Summer.
Take care

Webmaster Comments:
Please contact us by email. Would love some updated pics.
September 05, 2011 9:39:35 PM -

Hello! I happened upon your site when looking for grooming tips/blade sizing for my mini schnauzers, and just wanted to comment on your beautiful doggies! We presently have Shadoe (an almost 10 year old male) and Zoe (our 4 year old who keeps him young!!) We did lose our Shasta @ 5 years old and could not bear the thought of only having one schnauzer! They are a most happy, playful breed and I cannot imagine life without them!
Kudos for your wonderful and informative site!
August 25, 2011 12:39:27 AM - Red Deer, Alberta

Mel MacIsaac
We have a 2 yr old mini named Kenzie. She is a fantastic little schnauzer from Smith Falls, ON and I can without hesitation tell you we will probably never own any other type of breed again. Schnauzers are the best breed, paws down!
August 16, 2011 5:07:57 PM - Musquodoboit Harbour, NS

Lorie Crawford
Just googled grooming mini schnauzers and happened upon your website. I had never had one before our "Pepper" came to us. He is rather neurotic and ahuge barker, but as sweet as can be. He looks just like the salt-and-pepper you have pictured laying on the chair. Thanks for the info.
August 13, 2011 11:40:19 PM - Rockwall, Texas (near Dallas - YES, it's hot!)

I always love to see your website, they all look so cute.

I also have a Mini Schnauzer who turns 6 in August, and we love her very much. She brings us lots of fun everyday and she is my baby as well as my best friend.
July 19, 2011 4:23:56 PM -

Sophie Richard
Always enjoy looking at your Mini pictures. Missing our little Jasper every day.
Warms the heart reading about your rescue.Glad you were called and that little Cricket ended up with you :)
July 06, 2011 7:59:31 PM - Cocagne, NB

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a mini Schnauzer too, his name's Jasper Junior (J.J.). :(
July 04, 2011 1:58:59 AM - Canada

peg ponack
hello, i recently got a wonderful little mini schnauzer through rescue and he's a great dog. he has so much personality and is very smart, sensitive and affectionate. i just love him so much. i have 3 standard poodles and a schnauzer/poodle mix, which i groom myself and am learning to groom Walter (the mini schnauzer). your grooming instructions are very helpful and i appreciate it very much.

you look like a great breeder and if/when i buy a mini schnauzer from a breeder, i will definitely come to you
June 24, 2011 2:05:55 PM - Everett, WA - north of Seattle

Diane Dennis
I have a black mini schnauzer and she will be three years old in September. I love her to death!! When we go for walks people always comment on how well behaved she is. I came upon your website when learning how to groom her myself and always refer to it when I have questions. I love to look at your puppies.
June 15, 2011 10:47:31 PM - Minot, North Dakota

Wendy Hovey
Found your page looking for grooming tips. (thank you) I have a chocolate mini and he is perfect! My husband travels for work and Sully and I travel with him. Sully is amazing! He is brilliant and has an awesome personality - he thinks everyone is put on this planet to love him. Schnauzers are THE best breed!
June 10, 2011 1:44:55 AM - Tahlequah, OK

Jenifer Anderson
Beautiful website and gorgeous dogs! I'm a Mini Schnauzer lover! I have always enjoyed this breed but just got my first one last summer! We socialized and socialized and I am seeing the rewards of all that work when I can now go to the beach with my little one and she can greet people with a wagging tail and no barking! I plan to try your grooming methods soon :)
May 26, 2011 10:58:07 AM - Henderson NY

dorothy richards
:) i have a mini female, just love her to no end, this is a very good read, excelent info
May 21, 2011 9:34:32 PM - bass river, nova scotia

Marion Leslie
I am going to become the proud Mistress of a Mimi Schnauzer on 11 June, all going well. I am doing my homework and would like to say a Big Thank You for providing such a wonderful site. The step by step instructions on grooming will be invaluable.

Thank You,

Marion Lesllie
May 21, 2011 5:31:37 AM - Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

Terry Barker
Love your website! Came across it when looking for grooming tips. We have a 14 week old salt& pepper female, Izzy, and a black & silver female, Pippa, 7 weeks old to be bought home info about three weeks.
Thanks for the site and grooming tips. We will look info often.

Warm regards
Terry and Lynn.
May 19, 2011 6:23:31 AM - Portarlington Victoria Australia

My mini girl Zena just gave birth to her 1st litter on Friday the 13th May 2011 and I just wanted to tell everyone I am so happy and I now have 6 gorgeous babies. They are so beautiful I will fiond it hard to part with them when they become 8 weeks old. Schnauzers are the greatest
May 19, 2011 1:35:57 AM - Australia

Ruth Tully
I am glad to have read your comments about ears and tails not being docked. When I get my puppy this August (in NY) I have requested this not be done to my puppy.
April 25, 2011 2:52:16 PM - Potsdam, NY

Barb Day
I have part schnauzer and part Westie. "Cooper" looks more schnauzer so this is why I am looking at your web page. We love him! :) His tail and ears are not docked thank goodness as he looks cuter this way
April 21, 2011 8:35:21 PM -

Les Donaldson
Fantastic site :) We got our mini 2 months ago in Orkney Isles, Scotland. He is fantastic and has kept me company since I broke my leg. They are brill :)
April 02, 2011 5:29:27 AM - Kirkwall, Orkney Isles, Scotland

What a wonderful website. We have a miniature which I got not knowing she was caged most of her life. After a lot of love and kindness Daisy is just wonderful family member.
March 30, 2011 1:04:43 PM -

julie mcguire
:) you sound like very caring breeders
March 23, 2011 11:38:34 AM - england

Suzanne Seavey
Hello from Atlanta, GA, United States!!! I am so glad to find a breeder who refuses to crop. As you know, docking and cropping is legal in most of the US, Georgia included. While both of my schnauzers have docked tails, I chose NOT to crop their ears. My female is now expecting her first litter and my vet prefers to leave the tails au natural.I am also SERIOUSLY considering this. I will be the only one in the SE US that I know of who is choosing not to dock. I find the practice barbaric and cruel. My only concern is the lack of appeal to potential pet parents.
March 18, 2011 6:15:02 PM - Georgia, United States of America

matt konecek
Your website is absolutely fantastic. I appreciate the grooming information specifically. I just purchased pro clippers and a 10 blade perfect for the entire dog or should i go to a 7? 15?
March 11, 2011 3:02:54 PM - Arizona, USA

Fiona Thompson
Wonderful comprehensive site for all schnauzer lovers !!
March 08, 2011 7:58:02 PM - PEI Canada

Hi, I have a wonderful mini schnauzer named Dexter. He is almost three and I could never have imagined how much a dog could invade my heart. They are a wonderful breed and thanks for putting out the info about not docking tails. Take care.
March 05, 2011 8:46:02 PM - Vancouver

Marion Desborough
I recently lost my long time companion Mitzi, she lived 12 years, 12 days and while I am still heartbroken, I find solace in seeing the pics of your beautiful schnauzers.thank you for your lovely site.Mitzi was salt/pepper miniature schnauzer with a wonderfully loving personality.
February 26, 2011 9:48:36 PM - British Columbia, Canada

De Jager Bouwer
We have two female schnauzers in S.A. For how much do they sell in Canada?
February 06, 2011 1:27:03 PM - South Africa

Kathryn Bean
I have a puppy and having a delightful time learning all about Mini-schnauzers.
February 03, 2011 5:00:28 PM - Melbourne, Florida

Daphne Riggs
I love your website and your mission as a Miniature Schnauzer owner and breeder. I have just started breeding so I have reviewed many websites, consulted with breeders, and followed my Vets advice in order to do this right. With that said, I think you have a great site and I believe you truly love your dogs and are a responsible breeder. Daphne Riggs from Indiana
February 02, 2011 9:55:32 PM - USA Indiana

Nicky Gosby
I so enjoy your website and look forward to the photos and videos of new litters and their progress over the following weeks. I wish breeders in the UK would do the same. It is clear you are passionate about your dogs as they all look so happy and healthy. I would buy one tomorrow if you were in the UK. Nicky
January 28, 2011 12:29:00 PM - England

Mike VandenBoom
Allways like checking in on your site.
And I still would like to come see you some time.
Keep up the great work
January 25, 2011 12:57:46 PM - London Ont

wayne & pat cordes
we are owned by a mini, his name is maxx and we love him as a family member.enjoyed your web site very much.
January 17, 2011 12:54:00 AM - clanton, alabama

Jeannette Bursey
Love your new babies.our "baby" Riley is just adorable. He'll be 2 on July 2nd.time sure flies. Your leased dogs are very attractive as well.
January 14, 2011 10:04:08 AM - Halifax, NS

Roberta Chabot
Beautiful dogs!
January 09, 2011 5:08:44 PM - Hamilton, Ontario

Brenda Palmer
Your website was very helpful. I have been thnking of a new addition to our home, but I work all day and I have to siamese cats, so I worry about house training. That is the biggest reason why I have never moved forward on a pup. The mini schnauzer is my favourite. They are beautiful and elegant looking, I really enjoyed reading your stories. I bought my cats from wonderful breeders and they are wonderful friends. I could not imagine buying from a pet store, you have no idea where they came from, and be assured the owners are just trying to make money. I wish i lived closer so i could see your pups. I think it is wishful thinking at this point, because i work, but someday I hope to have a mini schnauzer. Thank you
December 12, 2010 9:52:08 PM - Kingston, Ontario

vicki buckbee
we have two schnauzers. love them both. Molly 11 months and Doc 2 1/2 years
December 06, 2010 10:48:22 AM - College Station, Tx

laura rodriguez
We have a salt & pepper mini boy named "Charlie" we live in burney CA
November 20, 2010 6:58:50 PM - Burney CA

Marie Brittain
;) A very good read,very interesting.
November 17, 2010 5:32:09 PM - uk

Mary Gillen
Thank you for the excellent information provided on this site. I am to be the proud mum of a mini schnauzer puppy next week and I am doing as much research possible before-hand. I LOVED the beautiful photos of your dogs!
November 16, 2010 6:58:07 AM - Derry City, N. Ireland

Kemile Palmer
your dogs are beautiful!!!!
November 08, 2010 7:54:47 PM - Maryland, USA

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