IMPORTANT update September 1st/2014: New shipping regulations cause major changes to our puppy placement policies!!

Due to all the new shipping regulations that have come into affect over the past month or so regarding live animals, it is no longer a straightforward issue to ship puppies to new owners via air cargo. Because of this, we request that you only send us a puppy inquiry if you are serious and able to drive or fly to PEI to personally pick up your puppy from us when the puppy is between 8 and 9 weeks of age. Delivery part or full way might be able to be arranged within the 3 Maritime Provinces (not NFLD), for a delivery fee (must be arranged and agreed upon prior to placement of deposit). If someone changes their mind about picking up their puppy here in PEI after a deposit has been accepted by us, and/or if anyone tries to pressure us to keep a puppy past the age of 9 weeks, we will perceive that to be your decision to change your mind about picking up a puppy from us as agreed, and you understand that your puppy reservation will be cancelled, the puppy sold or placed elsewhere, and your deposit is absolutely non-refundable under any circumstances. We are no longer able to sell puppies to the United States due to their new import rules of a puppy having to be more then 4 months old to be imported into the US.

***We can however place adults or older pups that we may have available, into U.S. homes, and available adults can also be shipped by air.


NEWS Update June 17, 2015: We have been receiving many inquires about the possibility of us having white pups, and we are extremely saddened to have to announce that despite our endless hard work and efforts over recent years, and importing Neiva from overseas to specifically breed to Zipper for his last litter to try and produce white, we are no longer able to offer the possibility of producing any solid white puppies. Our one white male pup produced in Zipper's last litter was living elsewhere but still owned by and registered with me as sole owner, and he was under contract with the plan/agreement that we were to have a litter sired by him summer 2015 to carry on our future white breeding program, but he was secretly neutered months before without our knowledge at the time and against our wishes and against the contract requirements. We took them to court and we were awarded damages due to the breach of contract. Zipper is now long past the age allowed to sire a litter, so it is now impossible for us to produce any solid white puppies unless we start all over again, research out new bloodlines, and buy more new breeding stock. But our one white Zipper son is forever lost to our future lineage, our years of financial and emotional effort and planning were crushed. Live and learn. We have no other breeding dog that is white, and we have ZERO dogs that carry the white ee gene. We are sorry to have to announce this to our potential owners that have been and are still looking for white, but the damage done cannot be undone and our boy cannot be unneutered. It is upsetting every time another inquiry comes in looking for white and is a constant reminder to us of the needless heartbreak caused by these selfish unscrupulous liars, of the future stolen out from under us. If we ever decide to start over yet again trying to produce white, we will make a news announcement here.


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