Fostering Program

We never did place a single dog in a foster home, there were just too many potentially dangerous and unanswerable ambiguities with such arrangements. We had many inquiries about it from potential foster families, and over the years we saw other breeders using fostering as a way to have dozens if not a hundred or more intact breeding dogs in homes where the breeder does not have to be financially or physically responsible for the dogs, yet they reap the $$$$$ come puppy selling time, enabling some money hungry greeders to pump out hundreds of puppies per year, year after year. Are superior responsible reliable foster homes really that readily available in such large numbers in small geographical areas? How on earth can anyone call that responsible breeding, or doing what is best for a breed????? Are the foster parents' beloved pets, these ready to deliver mamas-to-be, being properly supvervised 24/7 while under the breeder's *watch*, to ENSURE the safety, health, and well being of every mom and every potential newborn puppy? Are such large numbers of litters being properly raised and cared for?? Not possible in my opinion, unless you are hiring an awful lot of 24/7 help that has the knowledge and experience to do it properly.

In in the end, our final decision was that the welfare, health, safety and mental well being of our small number of potential breeding dogs was too important to risk them being anywhere but with us, with the knowledge, education and experience required to breed and raise healthy dogs. Any responsible breeder will only be breeding a small number of dogs that they are willing and able to care for ( (and loving doing it) themselves. :D

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