Retired dogs

This page is dedicated to our precious dogs which have been retired from our breeding program. Some will live out their lives in spoiled comfort here with us, helping raise the next generations of Ykelenstam pups as they arrive. Some others will be placed in new forever homes where they can live out the remainder of their life in spoiled comfort. These dogs have in one way or another given everything they have to us willingly, lovingly and devotedly, and they love doing it. They bring us such joy, and make every day a new and special one. A quote I read the other day but it had no author, which seemed to fit so very well...

"Our dogs are not our whole life, they just make our life whole"

So so true, life would not, could not, ever be the same, without being owned and loved by such special creatures.

There is more detail on each dog's individual page as to their particular history. Click on each dog on the left for more information.

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