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Ykelenstam's Miz Zuleika, fondly known as Zuleika. Our biggest girl, with a huge heart and personality to match. We often joked that we should have named her Velcro as she loves nothing more than to lay on someone getting a belly rub. She has given us two wonderful litters, her first litter of nine and as fate would have it, a second litter of ten, all of which not only survived but thrived under her loving care and diligent motherhood.

After her first litter, in fact when her very last puppy was still here at 8 weeks, (sold but awaiting pickup by her new family), Zuleika had a terrible ordeal when she ate some wild mushrooms growing in our fenced back yard. She was barely clinging to life and the vet did not think she was going to make it, so we phoned the family of the last puppy, a little female that was still here, and told them we were keeping her, because if Zuleika did not make it that would be the end of her line, as her mama Phoenix and her grandma Remi were already spayed and retired. We named that puppy Ykelenstam's When Fates Collide, call name Kizmet, as it was surely fate that kept Kizmet with us when she had already been sold, and a sweeter puppy you could not have asked for, just like her mama.

So for once things went well and Zuleika did pull through and fully recovered, and went on to have a second litter of 10 beautiful healthy babies. After all she had been through, even though she only had two litters, they were huge litters by anyone's standard, so we felt that it would be best to spay and retire her rather than put her body through the possibility of yet another huge litter.

As hard a decision as it was, we decided to also place Zuleika in a forever pet home, so that she would have the joy of car rides and tons of attention everyday without the competition of a dozen or so other dogs. She is a very dear girl to our hearts, especially after all she went through, but we felt the need to put her interests first, and being such a young girl we know she will live a much more active full life in her new home, where she is living with a daughter of hers from her first litter, named Heidi.We know that she will be well loved and cared for and enjoy their active lifestyle and all the perks that come with it :-)

We miss you our Zuleika girl :-)

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