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Ykelenstam's Whysper A Secret, a big heart in a small package :-) Whysper is one of the smallest minis we owned, with a mighty big personality. She adores people, and even though she tolerated the boringness of conformation dog shows, it was certainly not her favorite thing to do (smart dog!). She always preferred to be at home cruising around our little homemade agility course, she so loved to do that.

She had her first and only litter at almost 2 years of age, and she was such a doting mother, in fact overly so. She was the hardest mom we ever had to wean from her babies, she just did not want to give them up, and she got quite upset about it for several weeks even though we weaned them as slowly as we possibly could. We will never know for sure, but wonder, if that was part of the reason for her somewhat sudden but rather extreme temperament change after her litter went to their new homes. Where she used to get along super with all the dogs, she got very testy with a lot of the other girls, and most especially the oldest few, always pushing, stalking and jumping them with quite a nasty attitude. At one point she did put quite a rip in another dogs ear and after weeks turning into months of her getting slowly but steadily worse, we decided to spay her at just over 2 1/2 years old and place her in a very loving pet home, which happens to be our vet. Our vet also has dear little Jaeger man, and he and Whysper used to sleep together on our daughter's bed so they got along famously well and still do. They are very happy getting all the attention between them while still having a good buddy to play with!

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