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Ykelenstam's Some Kinda Rumour, born November 28, 2008. What a sweet funloving special little girl...she gave us several litters of gorgeous healthy babies and she was a perfect mama. We took her to obedience classes where she loved it and excelled. We took her to two sets of agility training, and she really loved it and was so responsive and eager, we never ever had to worry about her running off to chase other dogs or take off, she only had eyes for us and she wanted simply to be with us. She was our kennel rep when we took her on the Humane Society dog jog fundraiser a few years back, where she helped us be the winner of the top single competitor (Ykelenstam's Mini Schnauzers)and also part of the top team competitor (Schnauzer Wowzers, teamed up with our daughter Kim) for having raised the most money in each category for the Humane Society in the dog jog. She is simply gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to live with.

For ALL those reasons, it was a very tough decision to part with her in Oct 2013....and we only decided to do so, so that she could go to a loving forever home where she would have one little sister to play with and get to go for walkies, car rides etc with all the time, instead of having to take turns with a pack of dogs here. She is the kind of dog that looked for, and demanded lots of attention, and she deserves every bit that she wants. We absolutely wanted to do what was in her best interest longterm, even though it literally broke our hearts to part with her....we miss you so so much baby girl<3

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