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Olivia, Evalill Enthralling Olivia, was with us only for a couple of years. She came to us as an adult that had already been shown to her Championship by her breeder Eva Monsen, and we had 3 litters with her, and sent two beautiful puppies back to her breeder in trade to *pay* for her, and then we retired her. Of the two pups we sent back, one girl was sold to a pet home, and the other fully intact natural pup that we sent back was taken to a vet and her ears and tail chopped off, after Eva promising personally to me that she would NOT do so. I would never have sent a puppy to anyone that would even think of doing such a thing, and it was very much a despicable broken trust and broken promise. And for what, so that she could show the dog to her Championship easier? Because this person promised herself that as long as the actual written standard in Canada did not specifically say natural tail, that she would not go in the ring and show a dog that was fully intact, even though there are multiple fully intact minis with Championships, including our own sire of this puppy? Mutilate a puppy for a few ribbons or to add to her number of Champions? Some things are just plain wrong and this was surely one of them. It has certainly shattered my trust in dealing with other breeders and shattered my faith in people keeping their promises and doing what is right, all for the sake of a few ribbons. To top it all off, my name was not even in the dog's registered name, even though I AM the breeder of that dog. I bent over backwards to accommodate Eva's wishes even though it was quite one sided and unfair to me, after all that I did to help her out and take her dogs with no notice, when she was desperate to get them out of her house so the authorities would not remove the dogs from her care and ownership, which is what they were threatening to do because Eva constantly has way too many dogs according to the law. So after all I did to help her and accomodate her unfair wishes, and this is how she repays me? All I can say is thanks a heap.

Olivia was a quiet sweet dog who was terrified of remote controls and raised voices when she came, one of many reasons we did not feel it was in her best interest to send her back to a lifestyle that was not good for her, even though her breeder wanted her back. The breeder agreed to 2 female puppies back as payment, and then shattered the trust and friendship that had been built, by selfishly mutilating a beautiful puppy for the sake of a Championship. Some people have no shame. We got Olivia over her instilled fears with love and consistency. She preferred a quiet lifestyle so it was only fitting that we found her a loving forever home with a lovely retired couple here on PEI whom she adores and who adore her in return.

Olivia's pedigree

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