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Ykelenstam's KohlBlak Mercedes, otherwise known as Mercy to those that know and love her best. And mercy me she is and has always been a handful :-) Always one that knows her own mind, Mercy has wanted to be number 1 in every way since the day she was born. A sweeter and more loving dog to her humans you could never find, but she likes to push the buttons of the matriarch of the doggy clan, Remi. She literally will push and shove, poke and prod, until the usual ruckus is created from her trying to be top dog. Nothing too serious, but this is why we decided to spay and retire her earlier than planned, after having had two beautiful litters.

Mercy was living the spoiled daily life and sleeping with us in our bed with all the others, still giving Daddy his hugs every morning (determined to be the first to do so before the *competition* wakes up and gets there ahead of her), and then follow up with some Mommy kisses.... it appeared that Mercy was still going to be a challenge as far as the older dogs are concerned, trying to outdo them and trying to force her way into the number one spot, so when/if the perfect forever home came along that suited her, she was adopted/rehomed to live out a life of luxury without the competition of a bunch of other dogs, so she can indeed be #1 all the time as she wishes.

Mercy has found her perfect forever home and we are certain that she and her new *parents* are going to share lots of laughter, love, and the good life :-) Below is a picture of Mercy meeting her new parents for the first time, before heading home to her new life with them in New Brunswick!

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