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Ykelenstam's When Fates Collide, aka Kizmet. It absolutely was fate how Kizmet came to stay with us after having already been reserved for a new family as a puppy (you can read about that on her mama Zuleika's retirement page) , and fate how she came to go to her new family as well. A more laid back go with the flow kind of dog you will never find. She presented us with two beautiful litters and then after much thought we decided to spay and retire her at that time. When Motion's new family came to pick her up after she recovered from her spay, Kizmet also had just been spayed and retired, and wouldn't you know it, she made herself known that day when the attention was being passed around, and they did not leave with just one retired mama, they left with two. :-) We do miss quiet Kizmet girl and her gentle ways, but know that she is getting so much spoiling that without a doubt it was the very best thing for her. So this wonderful family now has a happy foursome of our minis, Oskar, Homer, Homer's mom Motion, and Kizmet. I am sure things are hoppin at that house these days too! We could not ask for a better home for our precious *furkids*. Look for more pics and info about all the dogs in this mini family on the adopted puppies page.

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