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Ykelenstam's Kinetic Kaper. Her name, Kinetic, means from or caused by Motion. How perfect was that, her mama's name being Motion! What can we say about Kaper, what a great girl she is, a very sweet and emotional girl, wears her heart on her sleeve and lives to give love. She did a stupendous job being perfect a mom and still does a second to none job as a loving attentive companion. One would swear that she is part human!

Of special note is her memorable star status around our house and across the nation. We are so proud of our Kaper girl, who was chosen to represent the Miniature Schnauzer breed on the national anti-docking anti-cropping CVMA poster for Canada, which after being in the works for several years, was finally released nationally in early 2010. Her puppy picture also beautifully graces the cover of the book "Miniature Schnauzer Champions 2003 - 2007" published by Camino Books Inc. in the USA. While she herself was not shown, her quality speaks for itself, following in her dad Oskar's footsteps, he being one of the first minis with natural ears to achieve a Canadian Championship.

Kaper had two beautiful litters, making quite a few families very lucky to be able to be owned and loved by her precious babies. As terribly hard and sad as it was for us to let her go, we felt that she would be happiest getting a lot more one on one attention. We had to do what we felt was in her best interest, so she then went to live with her doting new forever mama, Merrill, and together they have been a blessing to each other, forming a very close bond. Kaper did come back to us temporarily in summer 2010 so that we could attempt a third and last breeding, and admitedly it was very hard to give her back to her mama, even knowing she loves Kaper every bit as much as we do. That is how wonderful Kaper is. Alas, the breeding did not take, and dear Kaper had a very tumultuous false pregnancy that was very hard on her, so in late 2010 we decided not to potentially put her through that again.

How lucky we were to have been the breeder who produced such a wonderful creature, and to be lucky enough to have been owned and loved by her, even if only for what seemed like a fleeting moment in time. We know that she and her new mama will have many years of fun and love together!

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