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Ykelenstam's Remember My Name - AKA Remi - February 19, 2001 - February 29, 2012

Remi, such a beautiful girl, so full of life and love, who we first met at 3 weeks of age, came permanently into our lives at 7 weeks of age, and we never looked back. Ahhhh.....our precious Remi girl, our first mini schnauzer together as a couple. After having some beautiful puppies as a young mama, she was spayed and retired and was one of the most special babies that slept with us in the comfort of our bedroom every night her whole life. What a wonderful dog and what a legacy she has given us to carry on her *specialness*. She has given us some wonderful pups in several fantastic litters, she was a super conscientious and diligent mom and a super great great great-grandma to all the generations that passed through our home. She was the supreme overseer of all litters of pups that entered and passed through our lives. She proved that she was the matriarch of this schnauzer clan right up to her last day with us, and she considered them all to be *her* puppies and she felt that they all must be watched, cared for, and kept in line. There is not much more you could ask for in a dog, in terms of love, loyalty, and temperament, with a lovely conformation to boot. Remi was a girl who never met a stranger, everyone was a potential new friend, someone that just might have a cookie to spare.

Her last day with us, she had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, a lunch of salmon and kraft dinner and yogurt, and her supper was a Jr Bacon cheeseburger and fries all to herself at Wendy's, all favorites of hers. I am sure she thought that life could not be much better that day, which is as we wanted it to was probably her first love, we came a close second. :) The sheer satisfaction and joy on her face as she got to go for that last car ride, and to have a take out meal all to herself, is one of many memories that we will never forget. We then came home to meet our vet, the vet she has seen since she was a wee baby, and with his help, Remi travelled peacefully to Rainbow Bridge in our home on the evening of February 29th, 2012, in the loving arms of her human daddy, with mama close beside, stroking her velvety ears and looking into her beautiful eyes, telling her of the peace that was to come.

No more weariness Remi girl, no more pain, just eternal love in that special spot that you will always have in our hearts....and eternal cookies at Rainbow Bridge with Grammy, Moxie, Gizmo and in peace our Remi love....we miss you terribly....




























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