Tui.jpg Hello! My Name is Ykelenstam's Heez Intuitive.

My call name is "Tui".

I live in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

I was born on May 10, 2013. I am 8 weeks old in this picture.

My first river rapids trip at 3 months old. OMG Tui2.jpg

Tui3.jpg Just groomed at 4 months. Aren't I handsome? party

Canoe trip Thanksgiving 2013 at 5 months of age. Tui4.jpg

Tui5.jpg Halloween 2013, I am so cute!

Looking for a Christmas tree with my Daddy in Dec 2013, and it is -30 outside...BRRRRR!!! weird Tui6.jpg

Tui7.jpg Who needs to buy toys when you can have this much fun? bounce

December 2013...Santa is a pretty cool guy! Not as handsome as ME though. party Tui8.jpg

Tui9.jpg Look what Santa left me!! OMG

Mommy likes company when she knits heart Tui10.jpg

Tui11.jpg Time for a winter hike, February 2014!

Woohoo! It is March 2014 and it is still freezing at home in Ottawa, but here I am enjoying a warm vacation with mommy and daddy down south! dance Tui12.jpg

Tui14.jpg Blooming Bradford pear tree in in Pearl Mississippi...more March vacation fun!

There is something extra fun about looking for Texas squirrels in March with my new friend Coco, since the squirrels at home are hiding out trying to keep warm! This is the BEST vacation EVER, thanks mom and dad! bow Tui15.jpg

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