Rosie1.jpg Hello! My Name is Ykelenstam's Rosemary Patience.

My call name is "Rosie".

I live in Quebec, Canada.

I was born on December 24, 2012. This was my first day home picture!

2 months old and precious! heart Rosie2.jpg

Rosie3.jpg My mommy holding me, and one of her twin daughters holding their furkid, my brother Frankie, we are 3 months old now!

What a face! Beautiful at 4 months old heart Rosie4.jpg

Rosie5.jpg 5 months old and getting prettier all the time innocent

I am so smart I passed my first set of obedience classes like a pro! clap Rosie6.jpg

Rosie7.jpg Me and my litter brother Frankie the day we made it to the summit of Mount Royal! dance

Rest does happen now and again! Rosie8.jpg

Rosie9.jpg We are 7 months old now, Frankie there hogging the camera while I have my beauty rest. party

Me and Frankie going for a car ride, fun! Rosie10.jpg

Rosie11.jpg A raincoat...I do not like getting wet, but still...must I? roll

Hmmm....should I try to swim? Or make a run for shore?! Such decisions must a 7 month old make! weird Rosie12.jpg

Rosie14.jpg A year old now, I am so lucky to have such a warm AND pretty jacket! spin

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