Frankie1.jpg Hello! My Name is Ykelenstam's Frankinsence.

My call name is "Frankie".

I live in Ontario, Canada.

I was born on December 24th, 2012. I am 2 months old in this picture.

I live with my mommies, twin sisters, and my litter sister Rosie lives with their mama, my Grandma, so I get to visit with them lots! How lucky are we! bounce

Here we are playing together at 13 weeks old, Rosie in orange and me in red...who is cuter, huh? party Frankie2.jpg

Frankie3.jpg 3 months old and adorable heart

Handsome head shot, gorgeous heart Frankie4.jpg

Frankie5.jpg Rosie and I are 5 months old now, sitting with one of my mommies, but Diane has no clue which! dontknow

Rosie and me heading for the summit of Mount Royal...we are 6 months old here! Frankie6.jpg

Frankie7.jpg Learning to swim at 7 months old! party

Summer heat, time to rest! Frankie8.jpg

Frankie9.jpg 9 months old, going for a walk with one of my mommies!

Looking pretty dapper in my jacket! Frankie10.jpg

Frankie11.jpg Happy Birthday to Rosie in front and me laying down, we are one year old today! birthday

Here I am visiting Rosie, early 2014, we are not cold because we have jackets to wear! Frankie12.jpg

Frankie14.jpg Just chillin, 14 months old!

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