Heidi.jpg Hello! My Name is Ykelenstam's Heidi.

My call name is "Heidi".

I live in PEI, Canada.

I was born on June 15, 2005.

Hmmmmm... what's in here? Heidi2.jpg

Heidi3.jpg Are we going for a walk now?

Sometimes we get along... Heidi4.jpg

Heidi5.jpg How am I suppose to pick THIS up?.

"Happy Birthday to me!" birthday Heidi6.jpg

Heidi7.jpg Zuleika and me, we are two very pretty gals! party

Warm summer day 2007! bounce Heidi8.jpg

Heidi9.jpg Zuleika and *big sis* MJ, and me and my mom... sitting at Peggy's Cove!

Spa time for Zuleika and me at our house! Heidi10.jpg

Heidi11.jpg Look how pretty we are, I am over 2 now! And look at Zuleika, don't tell her I said it, but unlike trim little me, she is a little bit fat, dont'cha think? innocent

I am four years old now, and I still get to ride around in the cart with Zuleika! bounce Heidi13.jpg

Heidi14.jpg I am 4 1/2 now...how did Zuleika get UP there?! dontknow

Snugglin with *Dadden*, lol, and Zuleika always hogs all the good spots! Heidi15.jpg

Heidi16.jpg We love our *Dadden* and he loves us! heart

Me and Zuzu posin all pretty, Easter 2010! Heidi17.jpg

Heidi18.jpg I am 5 years old now, and learning to tangle my leash around Zuleika to prove I am smarter, lol! lol

As long as I get the comfy cushions, I let Zuzu sleep in the chair with me. :) Heidi19.jpg

Heidi20.jpg Christmas Cookies anyone? Me first, me first, Zuzu can wait her turn!

Christmas 2010, I am 5 1/2 now. Zuleika may be older then me but I lived here first so I have seniority, so how does she manage to get on Dadden's lap first?!?! bang! Heidi21.jpg

Heidi22.jpg Christmas 2011...Me, Dadden, bounce and Zuzu are all mesmerized by the choochoo train!

Me and Zuleika posing on the bench, December 2011. Heidi23.jpg

Heidi24.jpg I don't think they'll find me hiding in here...wait...where did everyone go?? weird

I know its Halloween 2012 and all, but is this a prank? Are they really selling Zuzu for 99 cents? No way...they wouldn't...nope nobody's lookin this way so I'll save her...I'll save her!! party Heidi25.jpg

Heidi26.jpg Me and Zuzu getting ready for the big escape...little red wagon style! Might as well take a pumpkin, they'll never miss it!

Well the little red wagon did not work out, let's try this big one...you see any useful horses around to help us out Zuzu? Heidi27.jpg

Heidi28.jpg I am 8 years young now and enjoying a summer beach day! clap

Thanksgiving Day 2013 heart Heidi29.jpg

Heidi30.jpg The ol'fella finally got this tractor finished spring 2014, we are proud of our Dadden! heart

Easter 2014, snuggling the pillow at almost 9 years old now. <3 Heidi31.jpg

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