NellieandTate.jpg Hello! Our names are Ykelenstam's Nellie and Tate.

Our call names are "Nellie and Tate".

We live in New York, USA.

We were born on March 25, 2004. We are 8 weeks old in this picture just before our journy to our new home in New York.

Me? Chew stuff?? Nellie.jpg

Tate.jpg I want that bunny on the other side!

I am 4 months old here. Nellie2.jpg

Tate2.jpg I'm 4 months too!

6 months old now...Do you want a kiss?? Nellie3.jpg

NellieandTate2.jpg We are always good doggies.......

Hey! Pay attention to me! Nellie4.jpg

Tate3.jpg 9 months old....

We are 1 year old now! NellieandTate3.jpg

NellieandTate4.jpg 15 months old here.

We are 3 years old now. NellieandTate5.jpg

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