Friday.jpg Hello! My Name is Ykelenstam's Friday.

My call name is "Friday".

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I was born on March 11, 2004. I am 9 weeks old in this picture.

Everyone loves me here!! Friday2.jpg

Friday3.jpg I am 5 1/2 months old in this picture.

Let's go for a ride! Friday4.jpg

Friday5.jpg I am so adorable, now 3 years old!

Wow look at THAT!! (I am 3 now) Friday6.jpg

Friday7.jpg Ok I am 3 1/2 now, pretty mature don't you think? Don't girls think surfers are cute? There has to be some benefit for doing this?

Why must this cat follow me everywhere, I am too good for cats! I am 6 now and still have to share my photo sessions with a CAT?!? Friday8.jpg

Friday9.jpg Ok I am 7 now and pretty smart for my age. But what IS that thing?! Is it alive? Yes...yes it moves...but soooooo sloooooowly....what'd ya say mom? A turtle? weird

Well I am not getting any younger, 8 years old now...that surfing gig didn't work, so how about boating out on the REAl water? That is pretty cool right? Not likely going to pick up too many hot chicks with mom and dad along though... bang! Friday10.jpg

Friday11.jpg I'm 8 1/2 now, resting up in case anything exciting comes up, I'll be ready! Oh and you see that same cat still tries to steal my thunder...or maybe it just really loves me. heart

Nothing quite like warm spring sun on a spring snowy day! Then comes summer, and you know, the girls come out! (early 2013) Friday12.jpg

Friday13.jpg Squirrels? Birdies? Anything?!?

Happy Easter 2013!! May you and yours not be as humiliated as I feel on this great day! Friday14.jpg

Friday15.jpg Yay Shubie Park, it's gonna be fun yes it is! And no 9 years old is NOT too old to kick it up and have some fun! bounce

Comin in? Aw come on...ya chicken!! party Friday16.jpg

Friday17.jpg I'm over 9 and in my prime! Chicks like flowers right? Well here are lots of'em...where are all the girlies then huh? Huh, at least the cat didn't find me! dance

What is taking those humans so long? I'm never going to find any chicks hanging out here waiting... Friday18.jpg

Friday19.jpg Someone said they saw some girls swimming in their knickers down this way, where'd they go? dontknow 9 1/2 years and still looking for them...I think it is all just a fantasy, the cat told me it only happens in books, never in real life...

9 and 1/2 is a great age to sleep in, yes?? Friday20.jpg

Friday21.jpg Such a cute pumpkin, Halloween 2013

Winter beauty...February 2014 Friday22.jpg

Friday23.jpg Still looking for squirrels or birds every chance I can! heart

It is February 2014, I will be 10 years old in a few weeks! party Friday24.jpg

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