Jeb.jpg Hello! My Name is Ykelenstam's Remi's Jeb Stuart TD.

My call name is "Jeb".

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I was born on May 18, 2002. I am 11 months old in this picture.

I am a Therapy dog. Click here for more information about me!

Here I am with my mommy, Remi! JebandRemi.jpg

Jeb3.jpg I am 20 months old now. This is one place I go for exercise!

Another day of outdoor exercise! I am 21 months old in this picture. Jeb4.jpg

Jeb6.jpg Hurry up! My tummy is getting cold!


Jeb5.jpg I came back for a visit. I am almost 2 years old now!

5 years old now! Jeb8.jpg

Jeb9.jpg Here I am with Dixie at High Head, in Prospect, Nova Scotia.

Me age 5 and my little sister Dixie age 3, just after a swim!! Jeb10.jpg

Jeb11.jpg I am 10 now, stuck between my sister who is 8, and those two big lugs beside me! The two big fellas are fun, but they are so jealous they are not Schnauzers! heart

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