Mica and her ribbons.

Ykelenstam's Mini Schnauzers is proud to introduce the first agility dog from our breeding program. Her name is "Ykelenstam's Mica" (DOB March 25, 2004). Her parents are Ykelenstam's Apollo Reigns X Ykelenstam's Full Of Moxie.

Mica is a very active and intelligent girl, and is doing awesome in agility thanks to the training skills, patience and dedication of her mom and dad, they truly have done an awesome job with their baby girl! Following are Mica's wins, the wins listed coincide with the ribbons in the picture above, starting from left to right.

A few words about Mica from her daddy Teth: "She has the intelligence and intensity which are Schnauzer trademarks, combined with an absolute love for the sport of Agility. Learning to handle her has been a bit like learning to drive a ferrari, a bit overwhelming at first dealing with her speed and precision, but a total blast now that I am getting the hang of it."

Update March 17, 2007:
Update June 16, 2007 (AAC Trial):
Update June 17, 2007 (AAC Trial):

A few more words about Mica from her daddy Teth: "The real noteworthy accomplishment above is winning the Advanced Jumpers. There is a lot more competition in Advanced, so you really got to be good to win. We were competing against handlers who have gone to nationals, and beat one of our former Agility instructors. Mica has only had two runs in her career where she has not placed in the top three."

Mica takeoff!
I'm ready! What's next?
Mica through the tire!

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