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Jeb wearing his Therapy Dog vest
Jeb wearing his Therapy Dog scarf

To see a picture of Jeb as a puppy click here

      Ykelenstam's Mini Schnauzers is proud to introduce the first therapy dog from our breeding program, "Ykelenstam's Remi's Jeb Stuart".  Jeb is loved, owned, and trained by Garth and Pat Marchment who reside in Nova Scotia.  Following is a brief description written by Garth:

      "The Therapy Dog Program is run by the St John Ambulance.  I believe that it was first introduced in Nova Scotia and PEI in 1999.  The Dogs and their handlers visit nursing homes and hospitals as a way of enriching the lives of the residents and/or patients.   The dogs must be at least one year old, have a friendly nature, not be rattled by loud noises, or be afraid of wheel chairs, walkers, or canes and crutches etc.  The dog must be obedient and not jump up on people.  The handler and the dog are a team and the rules allow only one dog per handler at a time.  Jeb and I were evaluated by a very experienced dog handler along with a number of other people and their dogs.  He was required to walk on lead and meet various people using various appliances.  He passed and has made 3 visits to Melville Gardens, an assisted care facility in Halifax.  This place has mostly seniors that require some assistance to get by.  Jeb is loved by the residents that he visits.  One of the people he visits is Mrs H Montgomery(Mitzi) who was one of the founders of the Bide Awhile Animal Shelter in Dartmouth.  She is a very kind lady who loves dogs and cats and welcomes Jeb with open arms each week.  Jeb and I are required to make ten supervised visits and then he will get a medallion that he will wear on his collar and I will be able to buy a scarf and or a vest for him to wear.  The ten visits will be completed by the end of August 2003."

      Jeb's ten supervised visits have been completed and he has now graduated and become a full-fledged Therapy Dog.  He is pictured above wearing his new official Therapy Dog vest and scarf.  We are very proud of Jeb and his owners for their diligence and patience and what they have accomplished together!!

The following are some pictures of Jeb at work at Melville Gardens!

Jeb with Mitzi Montgomery Jeb with Rita MacDonald
Jeb with Mrs. Mitzi Montgomery
Jeb with Mrs. Rita MacDonald
Jeb with Bill Robinson Jeb with Micheal McGrath
Jeb with Mr. Bill Robinson
Jeb with Mr. Micheal McGrath

      Jeb and his family have finally taken home their second Ykelenstam puppy.  The newest member of their family, Dixie, is a little black and silver girl who they hope will be their second therapy dog someday!

      For more information on St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program click here

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